Stunning Flying Dragon Kite Colourful Flying Fish kite at SANAE station in the Antarctic
   far-out kite kids flying kite on beach far-out stack of flying kites kite flying next to moon looks far-out   
kite flying in front of Sydney Opera House close-up of multi box kite
stunt kite stunt kite with fish design
collection of far-out kites

Welcome to Far-Out Kites, home of a comprehensive range of custom made kites, windsocks and aerial sculptures. Please direct your business enquiries regarding "creative aerial solutions", events, brand marketing, workshops for all ages and team-building as well as kite sales directly to me:

Phil Hattingh
tel:      +27 (0)7317 10257
email:   phil at

visit me by appointment at my studio:
10 Huskisson Road
Cape Town
South Africa
photo of kite builder Philip Hattingh

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